HOT DINNERS - New Turkish kitchen The Mantl opens in Knightsbridge

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The Low Down

News reaches us of a new Turkish restaurant that's just opened in Knightsbridge. The restaurant's grabbed itself a pretty prominent place on Brompton Road, just down the road from Harrods (and just around the corner from the Consulate General of Turkey who will no doubt have an opinion on the food). 

Their menu is a modern take on Turkish cuisine - and starters include:

  • Ksir - Bulgur, spring onion, cornichons, pomegranate molasses

  • Sarma - Baldo rice, scallops, cod, lobster, barberry, stuffed leaves

  • Ttsulu Kyun Ygurdu - Glazed figs, smoked sheep yoghurt, oak cured beef, grape molasses, pistachio

  • Ahtapot - Octopus, mung bean, celeriac, kapia, dill golden apple

  • Kuzu Ciger - Lamb liver, potato hash, sumac onion salad, dried chilaca peppe

As for the mains, everything's cooked over hot coal and alongside traditional chicken and lamb shish includes:

  • Pistachio lamb chops - Shallot pomme purée, asparagus, molasses

  • Gentle  Ali - Smoked eggplant, kapla peppers, lamb fillet, yoghurt

  • Mantl mix - Lamb, Chicken, Adana, Lamb ribs, Lamb chop

  • Veg skewers - Pomegranate molasses, turnip juice, olive oil, sumac, pomegranate

As for dessert, there's Kunefe (of course) and baklava as well as a tahini souffle and a cheesecake that features "Peanuts, Maraş chilli, chocolate and fig yoghurt ice cream". 

The menu does sound intriguing - so we'll have to see how this goes down with the Knightsbridge crowd. 

Written by Gavin Hanly

Created: 08 May 2019

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