Dine at one of London's best Turkish restaurants

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Make sure you put The Mantl on your list of restaurants to visit! This new Turkish restaurant, founded by Serdar Demir, has just opened in the heart of Knightsbridge - and the food is incredible. The delicious menu focuses on the fireplace, with many of the dishes being cooked over an open coal pit. Food to try include; Smoked Eggplant with Kapia peppers with walnuts, garlic, honey and tarhana crisps as well as Feraye, crispy lamb beef manti served with tomato sauce, smoked yoghurt and mint butter. A stand out dish on the menu is the Pistachio Lamb Chops, served with shallot pomme puree, asparagus and pomegranate molasses. Be sure to finish your meal with the Baklava, which consists of delicate layers of filo pastry with a pistachio ganache filling - perfect!

Serdar DemirThe Mantl