The Best London Turkish Restaurant

If you are craving Turkish food, you don’t have to struggle much when in London. There are plenty of Turkish restaurants around the capital. But are they all worth a visit? Absolutely not! Unless you’ve acquired a taste of the westernised version of Turkish food, we have you covered at the MANTL, The best London Turkish restaurant.


What Makes MANTL the Best London Turkish Restaurant?

What sets the MANTL apart from other Turkish restaurants is its mission to be the best London Turkish Restaurant. Serdar Demir opened the MANTL with the vision to provide a luxurious and authentic Turkish cuisine experience unlike any other.

The restaurant uses traditional Turkish cooking techniques, including cooking over an open coal fire. Doing so adds a delicious smokey flavour to the meat and ensures the meat stays tender and juicy.

The owner Serdar Demir, is from Bursa- a city not far from Istanbul. The city is famous for its lamb kebabs and so is the MANTL. We offer a variety of lamb dishes, each with its own unique flavour and charm. But each is better than the other.

If you are a meat lover, then the MANTL is truly the best London Turkish restaurant for you. We source the highest quality of meats from trusted vendors. We prize quality above all else and ensure our customer gets the best quality food, service and ambience.

Fine Dining at the Best London Turkish Restaurant

The MANTL is definitely more than your average Turkish restaurant in London. We offer our customers an unforgettable authentic Turkish cuisine dining experience. Our restaurant features an inviting and cosy atmosphere perfect for date night, or an enjoyable night out with family and friends.

We aim to bring the true Turkish experience to your table. Thus, we are an all-inclusive restaurant featuring an incredible bar and serving halal-friendly food and drinks. Whether you want to pair our fine selection of meats with an equally fine selection of wine and cocktails or prefer a mocktail or soda, we have it all. Not to mention our incredible range of desserts.

Visit us today! For an unforgettable fine dining experience at the best London Turkish restaurant near Harrods. You can also book a reservation through our website or via OpenTable.