July 26, 2019


You might have tried traditional Turkish manti; parcels of pasta-like dough filled with ground meat and onions, usually drenched in a yogurt sauce and chilli. At The Mantl, a Turkish restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge, founder Serdar Demir has reinvented it. He explains: ‘Manti is a famous meal in Turkey which takes time to prepare, but is well worth it. The dumplings are served with a delicious homemade yogurt sauce and chilli oil, but it can be heavy. Our version is known as feraye and is crispy and much lighter.’ They’re not only much smaller in size but also baked, rather than boiled, to result in light, crunchy morsels. The heavy sauce is swapped for a spoonful of smoked yogurt and a drizzle of mint butter, which adds freshness.