Where there is smoke there is fire. Give us both those things and we will cook you up a storm using traditional Turkish cooking techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Add to the mix some love, and passion for hosting and spreading joy and you have the essence of the recipe the MANTL was built on.

Serdar Demir brought age-old Turkish tradition to the heart of London, but with a modern flair. His family hails from Bursa, a city not far from Istanbul, famous for its history, architecture, beauty and of course the food. Bursa is the birthplace of the famous Turkish lamb kebabs. It is where Iskander Bay, a butcher found the perfect technique to cook the juiciest kebabs in 1867.

You may not be able to go to Bursa right away to try the delicious juicy lamb, but you can come to the MANTL, where we stay true to original Turkish cooking techniques and flavours. Every single dish is created from scratch using the finest quality ingredients and cooked to perfection using only the best cooking techniques.

“The MANTL sits at the heart of every good home – and this is no exception with us. Our fireplace is where you gather for warmth and good food to be shared amongst family and friends.

Come taste the love and enjoy true Turkish cuisine in Knightsbridge. The restaurant is situated just opposite Harrods and is only a few minutes away from the Turkish embassy.